Saturday, 6 June 2015

Difference of C with other high level languages:

C language-

1. TO uses by C program solved in all of the problems.            

2.C is a portable language.

3.C language is so easy from another language.

4. Program maintenance is so easy by C languages.

5.C programming languages have no side effect.

6.C is a case sensitive language.

7.C language efficiency is so high.

High level language-

1.High level language is any programming language that enables development of a program in much                                                                                                         simpler programming context and is generally independent of the computer's hardware architecture.

2.High level language is a portable language.

3.High level language is so hard from C languages.

4. Program maintenance is so difficult by High level languages.

5.High level languages have  side effects.

6.High level language is not  a case sensitive language.

7.High level language efficiency is very low.

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